Black and white life red country

We offer you a selection of black and white photographs of the communist era in the territory of the largest country in the world. And the most powerful at the time. No matter what the modern "wise men", the positive was the place then.

And even if the culture was limited too careful censorship and a visit to the cinema in working time threatens to become for parasitism. That country could give odds to any people of their moral values ​​and principles. And even if they did not drink a Coke and ate cheeseburgers. People living at the time, felt confidence in the future, why could not afford to bring smiles at any time and to anyone. Look at the expressions on the faces of most others. This time, too, in its own right. But it disappeared simplicity and openness of emotions and, for the most part, the spontaneous kindness, the international day is celebrated yesterday the whole planet.


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