The eternal seeker photographer Ernst Haas (Ernst Haas)

We are not accidentally used this characteristic to the famous Austrian photographer. Throughout his life, Ernst Haas (Ernst Haas) adhered to the idea, do not look for something new in the world, but just to see the world in new ways. And he did it.

He was born to a large Austrian officials on the second day of spring 1921 in the Austrian capital. Since childhood, the baby is attached to the art. A key role in the education and formation of flavor Ernst Haas (Ernst Haas) played a mother who until his last days, was his chief adviser and critic. Passion for photography has come to master the future in the age of majority. His first camera, Ernst bought several kilograms of margarine, when he was 25 years old. During his life, he changed his master a lot of cameras and always maintained that it does not matter what your lens. The main thing - to see. In the middle of the last century, he moved to America, where he settles. Here he goes on a color photo. Here Ernst waited a resounding success. He is regularly published and exhibited in many galleries. Most Austrian loved street photography and considered their eternal love black and white photo, though left her with the move to the United States. Ernst Haas died on September 12, 1986.

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Photo by Ernst Haas


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