Space January 2013 (summary of events of the month)

It's time to tell you what's interesting has happened in the world of space exploration for the first month of 2013.. At that time, both for ordinary earthlings January took place at a festive wake, astronauts, cosmonauts and scientists do not wind down.

South Korea for the third time successfully launched a carrier rocket "Naro". The event took place January 30, 2013. The rocket sent into orbit research satellite.

Preparation of the future members of the crew, who will travel to the ISS, in the vicinity of Star City on 23 January 2013. The practice methods of survival in an emergency landing.

Big joker Chris Hadfield (Chris Hadfield) on board the International Space Station was photographed by drop of water.

A colleague of the members of the expedition to the ISS - Robonaut. Work in the laboratory Destiny on the ISS on January 2, 2013.

Dim Mars at a distance of about 9600 km.

Forest fire near the Australian Barrindzhuk Dam, January 8, 2013. Photo from the ISS Chris Hadfield made.

The birth of a new star near the close cloud Lupus 3 at a distance of about 600 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius.

NASA astronauts accompanied by a full-size model of the space capsule «Orion». The pilot launch beyond Earth's orbit is planned for next year, and by 2017 mu more regular scheduled flights.

Iranian scientists demonstrate the monkey that visited the space.

Giant star Zeta Ophiuchi waves in dusty, and that she has formed. In one version of the scientists, after the explosion of a companion star, Zeta Ophiuchi thrown blast and now it is moving at a speed of about 24 km / sec. Star brighter than the sun in the 80 thousand times larger, and it is about 20 times.

Cumulus clouds over the Pacific Ocean. Picture taken from the ISS on January 4 2013.

The space telescope "Hubble" fixed star cluster in the Large Magellanic Cloud, located in the Milky Way galaxy at a distance of about 200 thousand light-years from Earth.

Model space station built of modules «Bigelow Aerospace», it was presented in Las Vegas on January 16 2013.

Superbubbles N186 is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud at a distance of 160 000 light-years from Earth. The composite picture made device "Chandra».

Jupiter is over the moon. Photo taken in the state of Texas, USA on January 21, 2013.

Andromeda galaxy in infrared light, the unit filmed «Herschel».

Another greeting from the rover «Curiosity». The image of Mars 27 January 2013.

Northern Lights somewhere in Finland. Photo Thomas Caste.

The new view of the spiral galaxy Caldwell 5. The distance to the galaxy located in the constellation Camelopardalis - about seven million light years from Earth.

The problems of air pollution in China by foreshortening space.

Delivery of the new-generation communications satellite TDRS-K. Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.

Starting January 31, 2013 has been successful.

Finally, a picture archive. First Photo of Venus close-up, made the space station «Mariner-10" from a distance of about 5600 kilometers, February 5, 1974.

Thus it appeared in January. See you in the next review.


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