Chicken roll - very rich, incredibly delicious!

 - 5-6 sheets of Armenian lavash (rectangular, then I cut each in half)
 - Packing ketchup 450 g
 - Packing sauce "Tar Tar" from Torchyn
 - A small container of mustard (150 g)
 - 150 g lettuce
 - 1/2 chicken breast (I had baked)
 - 50-70 g of solid cheese
 - 2 large tomatoes
 - 2 cucumbers
 - Green onions, greens


Wash vegetables. Tomatoes and cucumbers cut into slices. Finely chop the onion. Chicken breast prepared in advance, ready to cut across the small pieces. Cheese chopped straw.

On a large plate / dish put pita, spread mustard and ketchup. Slightly receded from the edge, put a lettuce leaf. Next, lay out all not at each other, and each other. So it will be easier to roll pita, that he does not break. 2 tomato slices, cucumber slices 5, cheese, chicken. Top pour a small amount of tartar sauce, sprinkle with herbs and onions. Now we turn our roll and enjoy :) Bon appetit!


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