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Mysterious Stranger holding your hand, is behind him, and no matter where, because she is beautiful. This is unusual, exciting and infinitely beautiful project "Follow me» (Follow me) Murad Osmaniye, executive producer studio Hype Production.
Murad lives and works in Moscow and travels the world with his girlfriend Natalia and shares with us these stunning photographs. The project started six months ago, and since then has become incredibly popular, not only in Russia but also abroad. They - the stars, give interviews, travel around the world in search of new ideas for your photos.
Well, we are happy for the guys and offer them to you along with new photos to go to a fascinating journey, and take a walk through the streets of Venice, Tokyo, Paris, feel the salty wind in your hair and a smile.

Alhambra, Granada, Spain, South

Guardians of Anubis, Singapore

Times Square, New York, USA

On the game of football club "Anji»

Istanbul, Turkey

Alhambra, Granada, Spain, South

Benidorm, Spain

New York, USA

London, UK

Venice, Italy


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