Amazing dog photos that touched the whole world

This touching story of love and friendship between man and dog knew millions. A picture where the man is holding a sleeping dog in the water, touched to tears.

Photo is spread around the world.

July 18 Shep did not, on this on his page on Facebook said John Unger.

The famous dog was 20 years and one month.
Recall from pet chetverolapogo John developed arthritis and hip dysplasia. The pain the animal could not even sleep properly. Man discovered that helps ease the condition favorite water. And then they began to walk to the lake, where swimming for a long time, John took him up, and buried the animal relaxed, his head resting on the shoulder of the owner.

It is this frame and galvanized the world. Photograph them with John Shep asked the photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, and did not expect that it will attract so much attention to them - more than 2 million. Display.

Thanks to caring people, collected more than 25 thousand. Dollars. Money is spent on veterinary expenses for Shep and other dogs whose owners did not have enough funds to provide special care aging pets.

From around the world come to John Unger condolences.


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