On the Internet, the last time there was a lot of jokes that make fun of President Viktor Yanukovich, thus hinting at the lowest level of his mental faculties. In fact, according to ex-presidential adviser Anna German, intelligence Yanukovych much above the average Ukrainian. The President is very interested in literature, science, and of course, watching all the novelties from the world of technology.

To confirm this, the Speaker said that recently, Viktor Yanukovych, has found quite a serious vulnerability in the protection of the new tablet of Apple - iPad mini.
The president is very popular with all sorts of gadgets: smartphones, tablets, helicopters. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that he is one of the first bought a new iPad mini - said Anna Herman
Testing the performance of the new device, Viktor Yanukovych said that it is possible to connect the tablet to a PC via SSH protocol and run foreign code. President immediately wrote a simple script and use it to set a custom firmware that allows you to install pirated software on the tablet.
Without thinking, Viktor Yanukovych appealed to his administration's contact with Apple and report the problem. Representatives of the "apple" of the company expressed their gratitude for the assistance and pledged that correct the vulnerability in the next update.
Also, Anna Herman said that the president also recorded a video podcast, which describes a way to break the tablet, but spread it on their web site does not intend to, said that you need to wait until the vulnerability is fixed.
By the end, we note that Yanukovych does have the iPad, but not a mini. The president gave his deputy prime minister and good friend - Boris Kolesnikov.
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