Change the orientation as a side effect

It seems to be not the most glaring fact, but somehow hooked.
Not much of a secret that the gentlemen of the pharmaceutical companies do not like to talk about the possible side effects of drugs. Particularly if the drug is in demand, and the effects of its systemic administration may cause adverse consequences for the organism. Lechishsya, for example, angina and accept the "new, totally secure" means, and you have, for example, is developing incontinence. Not right away. And with the exposition, as usual. Or even which version - you can not even fantasize much, but just google - get a lot of useful information from the category "at bedtime." To facilitate falling asleep and improve the whole process of sleep.
That Frenchman Didier Zhember in the treatment of Parkinson's disease received a wonderful alternative in the form of gambling which developed and change sexual orientation. SUPPORTING Wild, huh? Yes, it is soldered to the British claim concern GlaxoSmithKline, I won it and received compensation of 256 thousand dollars. As his lawyers were able to prove that the company for years, knowing that the pills have undesirable side effects, no action is taken, and only in 2006 was a warning printed on the packaging.
Well? Justice has triumphed? But how to say. And how can I ever be treated this wonderful bouquet acquired? And where is the guarantee that will not get out anything else "undesirable" (I love how soft and tolerant characterize what happened. I think that the more serious the characteristics you need to at least a limb fell off)
Shoot as landfill for some pharmacists. For the people to experiment, and the people still paying for it and thanked immensely.
Give it up, eh? After all, in most cases because without these friends of mankind production costs. Do not eat excessively, and that whatever is handy, to move more but keep in mind that health - it is yours, and it is one. Second will not be given. And because, well, delirium any - to pay for the coffin to you? On cigarettes and alcohol at least povyvesili warning, though, and so, like, everyone knows. And these freaks - the green light and gratitude. Mafia fucking in white coats.


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