How to succeed

"We defeated only because they do not have a specific direction. If the navigator does not know what harbor he shall bring his ship - no wind is favorable. »
Lucius Seneca

Do you put in front of goal?
Are you thinking about your goals for the coming weeks, months, years?
Do you write your goals?
And if you are regularly looking at your record?

If you have answered all the questions in the negative, I'm sorry you. Since you do not consciously use one of the most important and powerful tool that is used by all successful people. Without it, none of them would not have achieved even a small part of his success.

You do not know how to do it? You think this is hard? In fact, goal setting - it's not just easy, but exciting process, which simply ignore the madness. I want to share with you in a way that will bring you closer to success in any area of ​​life. I'll guarantee it!

To do this you need to use the formula "Cyprus».

She stands for:
K - specific, and - measurability, P - accountability, R - realistic, On - Time-bound.

Now consider all the components.


Your goal should not be shared.

Example: I want to be more successful in 2110. This is a common goal and you can not follow it, because it does not define what it means to be successful.

Concept of success at all different. For one thing - it successfully pass the exams, for another - to find a paid job. And so on. Therefore, the goal is to be as specific as possible.


The goal should be to have a certain numerical equivalent in one respect or another. If the goal is not measurable, you can not determine you have achieved it or not.

For example, if you put a financial goal, it must be expressed in concrete figures (earn $ 1,000 to a certain date).


Achieving the goal should be controlled by you. Ie should depend only on your efforts and abilities.
You should not set itself the aim to win 10,000 rubles in a lottery, because from you it does not. But to earn 10,000 rubles, to perform a particular job depends on you. I hope this is clear.


You should be aware of realistic and achievable your goals. But also do not be afraid to put yourself ambitious goals.

Of course, setting a goal "To become the richest man in town" is unlikely to be useful if you are working for someone else and your income does not depend on you. But this goal can be achieved over a longer period of time. You need to break it up into smaller.


Any target must have a time frame. Otherwise, you lose an important landmark - a landmark in time.

For example, "earning 10,000 rubles" - too common goal and will not do. Looks much clearer goal "earn 10,000 rubles to the May 31, 2010».

Knowledge of the formula "Cyprus" and strict observance of all its components will allow you to put the most effective goals and achieve success much faster. I guarantee that once you start to apply this simple formula in practice, very soon find that your life changes begin to occur amazing. You will begin to move toward success by leaps and bounds!


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