6 important factors to the success

Clarity means that you know exactly what you want...1 success factor: Clear

Clarity means that you know exactly what you want. Clarity is 80% luck and the luck factor. All successful people are absolutely clear idea of WHAT they want and what they need to DO to GET what you want.

Unsuccessful, unlucky people, as a rule, has rather vague idea about what he wants from life.


One of the simplest exercises that You can do to You beginning to take, you simply take a sheet of paper and write a list of 10 goals you want to achieve within 12 months. Agree, this is a really simple exercise!

However, only 10% of the population doing it. Amazingly, these 10% today receive all the benefits that others only dream of.

2 success factor: Activities

Activity is manifested in a number of cases that You bring to life. When You do a lot of cases increases the likelihood that some of the things You will do the right thing, at the right time in the right direction.

For example. If you throw the ball to the basket countless times, it increases the likelihood that You will fall into the basket.

In business and life. All successful people are focused on actions that lead to concrete results.

You to be lucky, do more actions that lead to results. The more You do, the more energy You have. The more action, the more experience. The more experience, the more positive results You will have. This means, You will surely become successful person.

3 success factor: Energy

Energy is a key luck factor. When you see how much time do successful people seem to have a lot more energy than others. Almost all successful “lucky” get up early in the morning. They work more hours during the day, they even work in the evening. At the same time, they have enough energy for training. They invest time in developing yourself, your business or career.

As a result of research Dr. Thomas Stanley, and he and his team interviewed 2500 millionaires, 84% of millionaires said that they have become financially independent through discipline and hard work. As millionaires noted that throughout their lives they were willing to work harder and longer than people around them.

Agree, it is not surprising that they, like marathon runners gradually pulled ahead, and then “ran” on the other.

As the famous writer Stephen Leacock once said, “I believe in luck! The more I work, the luckier you become”

You want to, and You are lucky, and find the energy thanks to which You will do more during the day than others. And fortune will turn to face You.

4 success factor: Personality

The identity of the person, also known as the main factor of luck. All successful people have in common. They are usually positive and optimistic. They are able to find a common language with other people. They have a large number of friends and acquaintances in different areas of life.

It is clear that the more people You know the more likely to get good advice when needed. Then luck can be called to vozmozhnostiami the right information at the right time from a knowledgeable person. It allows often to achieve rapid results in business and life.

People want to help us, we must act in accordance with the Golden rule which says “Treat people the way you would like them to treat you”

The more positive and optimistic You become, the more interesting people, and hence luck, You will attract into your life.

5 success factor: Honesty

Honesty and integrity are the most popular and respected qualities in life and business. Agree that we all want to be friends and do business with people we trust.

When we decide to be honest with ourselves and with others, we become complete and self-sufficient natures. When You will say, as honest and decent, success will knock at Your door.

6 success factor: Persistence

Perseverance – the quality that distinguishes a successful person from everyone else. When You are resistant, You will be ready to do everything to achieve their goals. You don't swerve out of the way and not stop when others fizzle out and retreat. You will be able to work more and look for different ways to solve problems. You will learn to acquire the necessary skills to achieve the goal. You will read a lot of books, listen to seminars, attend training until you get something.

Through perseverance and perseverance, You will better understand their true purpose. And when You have a clear idea of what You want, then You have more energy to move forward.published


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