Decreased acidity: change of attitude right now!

If you leave the clinic with the conclusion of "Low acidity"- don't despair! This is the result of your attitude, and attitudes can change. And it will begin to make right now!

You must perform a number of simple rules in order to avoid reducing the acidity of gastric juice:

1. It is not recommended to drink alkaline water 15 minutes before meals, during meals and for 30 minutes after a meal.

2. Try to chew food 32 times.

3. "When I eat — I am deaf and dumb", we talked all the time in my childhood our mothers. And they were right.

4. Do not eat hot food (above 40 degrees).

Everyone knows that a substance such as a protein, is killed at a temperature of 60 degrees. And if you have the habit of drinking water a specified temperature or higher, in this case, there will be a dying off of cells of the stomach and esophagus.

Acceptable temperature of the liquid for drinking to determine just dip a finger into the liquid and hold for half a minute. If the first few seconds you try to pull the pin out of the boiling water – means that water of such temperature to drink is dangerous for the mucosa tissue. Water, tea, juice you should drink the right temperature that you can withstand your finger without becoming red.

Among your loved ones there are probably people who eat hot food and drink "hot water." And they don't accept your explanation, resist the obvious. Swipe them with a simple experiment: quickly dip their finger in the tea, which they are going to drink! Your finger will turn red rather initially, your mentee will scream, and then blush finger! And you will be able to prove that fluids above 60 degrees is a crime against your health and mind! The optimum temperature of water for drinking is our body temperature (about 40 degrees)!

Half the people in the world has a diagnosis of "Gastritis with zero secretion". This means food is not digested. And the main reason for this situation — man eats hot food. The cells of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, a short — lived (living only 3 days), and in the body of a person who is always eating hot food, they do not have time to recover, it burned the mucosa of the duodenum and stomach.

In the East, in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, as well as in Japan, cancer of the esophagus and stomach affects mostly men. Wonder — why? Traditionally these countries, the woman begins to eat once sated, the men of the family, i.e. when everything is cold.

In Proverbs Russian people collected for centuries passed on the wisdom.

"Didn't drink the tea – whence force? Drank tea – really weak!"

Why? Our body spends a large amount of vitality to bring eat and drink a person to an optimal temperature ( the body temperature of 36.6 degrees C). This warning applies to cold foods and drinks. The worst thing you can do for your child is to give him on a hot day, cold ice cream. (Ice cream is the trash of modern product that is not recommended to eat even for adults. But that's another topic).

Imagine a boiler that boils the water. How many revolutions will make your meter, counting the energy spent on boiling water. With the body the same thing happens: he gives a tremendous amount of personal energy that could be used for other purposes.

The effect of energy dissipation can be used when you need to calm the raging and raging child, give him to drink cold boiled water. Will cause a big energy loss and the child will calm down.

The effect described above must be considered athletes. When there is great physical strain on the body, stands out lactic acid, I want to drink. Athlete drinking cold water and loses energy. The fact that the water in the cell can proceed only at a temperature of 36.6 degrees C. In the hot season the temperature of the drink can be 22-24 degrees C in winter not below 35 degrees C.

If you eat hot food constantly, you run the risk over time, risk getting cancer, erosion, etc.

It's a shame that in our traditional medicine to be the opposite: at low pH the doctors recommended to stick vegetable diet. In this case, it would be very good to stimulate the stomach horseradish, pepper. And that's just in erosive gastritis just need a light diet and the control temperature used food.

Imagine the situation: a patient diagnosed with zero acidity, but the stomach does not hurt. Appointment of vegetable soups, dairy porridges... the Patient starts to eat and he's getting worse, not enough enzymes, food in the stomach is not digested.

And the path should be: add enzymes and probiotics to stimulate his work.published


Based on the book Butakova O. A. “Need information about health”


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