Dyslexia: how to help a child who struggles to read and write

It's shameful the word "dyslexia" or how to help a child who struggles to read and write? Each of us wants our child peaked in life and studies. He had many friends, was loved and it all worked. But life does not always happen!

And then the parents begin to blame themselves, think they're made somewhere a mistake, suffer and seek help. In this state of anxiety and confusion, they turn to the expert .

And the main questions asked by parents: "Where is our fault ?" and "What can we do?". And with these questions I turn to a specialist with 30 years of experience on the field of corrective learning teacher with huge experience – Pnina Shefi.


Pnina, let's start with what is generally supposed to cause anxiety, and to light the red lapochka? I as a mother do not always know in what age child should read fluently or write, and that is the norm.

Pnina Shefi:

The concept of the norm, actually very blurry. Each child develops at their own pace. Therefore, at an early age is pretty difficult to diagnose a problem. But still some points need attention, and should alert:

  • A child older than 3 years all checks by hand, the end of something touch, have to hold, touch or twist in the hands of different items.
  • Instead of having to name things or actions, he points to it or the use of pantomime.
  • The child's vocabulary is poor, about what he hears around and regarding his age
  • Offer the child a range of different pencils: thin, thick, round, triangular.

Problems with fine motor skills lead to the fact that the child chooses the larger pencils.



So it's really a disease or the result of bad teaching or lack of attention from parents?

Pnina Shefi:

It is not a disease. In fact, I believe that there is no such thing — disleksia. You can always develop that part of the brain that controls the production and perception of sounds. Though, experts still found a link with health. Children with a weakened system ear, nose and throat, are much more likely to subsequently this kind of violations.

This is easily explained. Because of excess mucus and generally in inflammations of the upper respiratory tract are distorted spoken sounds, and the child does not hear yourself clearly enough, but if it happens frequently and at an age when a recognition of sounds?!



What such a child can help specialist and how much time passes until we begin to see the first results?

Pnina Shefi:

With help of special techniques improves the interaction between the ear as a sensory organ and the mouth as the organ of utterance. And it teaches you to recognize different sounds, record them and, therefore, increase the rating and, of course, gives the child a sense of confidence. Depending on the complexity of the full solution of the problem takes from a year to three years. But the first results are already visible after a few sessions.


What can parents do to help their child in terms of achievement and in overcoming emotional problems?

Pnina Shefi:

The importance of parents in a child's life cannot be overemphasized, and of course they are largely unable to influence the situation.

1. Choose the game in which the child manages the game and gives instructions.

And the task of the adult accurately and with complete seriousness to follow them. This allows the kid to feel important and boosts his self-esteem.For example, let the child be your teacher and as a student make the mistake and give him the opportunity to correct them.


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2. All the time offer to select from several options (to make the lessons now, after eating, before walking, to begin to engage with the mathematics or reading). The choice gives a sense of control and relieves stress.


3. It is very important to establish a competent tactile contact with the child. The right touch works wonders! You can do this with the help of massage or reflexology. It soothes and helps to build a positive relationship with the child and gives him to feel the warmth and love.published


Interview by Yulia Reznikov


Source: www.vitateva.ru/,pages,74


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