Pizza with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes

For the dough:
250 ml of water
600 grams of flour type: 00
20 g of salt
2 g of yeast
10 ml of olive oil

For the filling:
125g mozzarella pizza
100g cherry tomatoes
20 grams of fresh green basil
10 ml of olive oil

How to cook:

1. Mix the yeast with water, put in a container with a lot of flour. Thoroughly mix the ingredients in the end, add a little oil and salt.

2. Leave the dough to mature in off the oven for three hours. Remove the dough, place on a flat surface and make balls weighing about 250 g each.

3. Thinly roll out the dough, giving a round shape. Put on top of chopped or diced mozzarella circles and cherry tomatoes. Place in the oven at maximum temperature regime. Cooking time - about 10-15 minutes.

4. Remove the pizza from the oven, place on a platter and garnish with fresh basil leaves


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