Rules for those who want to develop their own

1. Drop all what you're doing. School, university, work. At school and at the university go only to those classes that are interesting to you.

2. Rid head from unnecessary waste. Bad habits, waste of time in an empty, stress, any stupid troubles and problems. Grab it and forget about them. For new achievements need light head.

3. Engage in self-education. Read books about business and those that you like. Attend all kinds of exhibitions, weird crazy places, travel, engage in new sports, be it very thoroughly razvitym- will help you in business.

4. Develop the character of the leader, logic, business IQ, ability to communicate with people, to develop gestures and facial expressions, manipulation, oratorical skills ... enthrall all.

5. Turn to something spiritual. Though the church, even though meditation, yoga even though spirituality. Anything, but you should feel the people, and for this we need to experience yourself, because businessmen are very spiritual people.

6. Businessmen see through people. May lead to the astonishment of the crowd. Know human psychology better than any psychologist. Of course, this does not apply to all businesses, I'm talking about those who have achieved a lot. And that's all you need to turn out for years. Accumulating.

7. Falling in love with money. Falling in love with the money they will love you. Noticed that the poor say they have no money, and generally try to eschew this topic, and the rich like to talk about money, they have a lot of them, and know how to do more.

8. Dream. Represents a goal, and most importantly how you seek it. Visualize your way to achieving the goal step by step. And in the end, when you came to my entirely to imagine these feelings. These emotions will give you hope.

9. Do not listen to people-losers who say that nothing happens. They are losers and losers remain. Listen only to themselves and mentors.

10. Action. Even the smallest step - is moving forward. Everything comes with experience and starting today with small, you soon you will look back and wonder past.


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