How to restore a breast after birth

Women's chest at all times and all peoples has been the pride of the beautiful half of humanity, and the object of desire of men. So much for the poetic side of the issue, from a physiological point of view - the chest perfectly thought out mechanism for a full feeding a new man. However, one does not exclude the other.

Therefore, women after nine months of pregnancy and childbirth want as quickly as possible to restore the former beauty of the breast. Indeed, under the influence of hormones during pregnancy the breast increases in size, sometimes two or three, and after feeding often "shed" and covered with stretch marks. How to restore a breast after birth, that would get rid of all of this "heritage"? Not too difficult. The main thing - it is your desire and systematic approach.

Outset that it is not necessary that after giving birth and feeding the baby your breasts become "spaniel ears." Too many women, bring up "in full" your child, do not have any problems with feeding. Moreover, full breastfeeding is able to rid you of various problems in the breast, such for example as a cyst. But that's a topic for another conversation. We'll talk about a comprehensive approach to how to rebuild the breast after birth.

You need patience, time and understanding of the processes. As we have said - beautiful breasts require complex care and rehabilitation. A combination of effective exercises, specialized diets and treatments, the benefits of which will be all over your body.

Exercises. Experts have developed a special gym complex to be executed on a daily basis to 15 five minutes brings a truly fantastic results.

1. The first exercise is familiar to all the "scissors", but not feet, and hands in a horizontal plane. For this purpose the hand to pull ahead 10-15 and make cross-swings.
2. Push-ups, but not from the floor and the wall. Not difficult, but effective. Just do 10-15 pushups.
3. each hand to take on the pound dumbbells or liter plastic bottle with water. From the position of their hands down gently lift the sides, and then vertically. In this position, we stay 3-5 seconds and gently lower. Make up to 10 lifts.
4. With the same breed kilogram dumbbells direct hand in hand, and then gently lift them up. Again we linger in this position for 3-5 seconds.
5. Again push-ups, but off the floor. Do not worry lite from a kneeling position. Wring to 10 times.
All of these exercises to do the first week of one approach, the second or third week of two campaigns, and then to do a minimum of three approaches. In general, if you take over the rules are constantly doing the simple complex, even after 50 years, your breasts will cause envy and admiration of girlfriends husband and other men.

Procedures. Having looked through the pages of specialized literature, or "digging" on the internet you will find many effective treatments for breast. However, the most effective and safe are the three that we present to you and.
1. All known douche will return the muscles supporting the breasts and skin a good tone. Moreover, he perfectly invigorates and improves the immune system. The most opportune time for a contrast shower - in the morning. Pouring should be started well with warm water alternating it with cool water. Completing also need warm water. It is unnecessary to shape events and start dousing with ice water, so you can chill lymph nodes. In all necessary gradually.
2. But the short-term breast rubdown ice cubes very helpful. This procedure stimulates blood circulation and promotes tissue regeneration at the cellular level.
3. Kefir mask on the chest. To do this, take the yogurt at least 2, 5% fat - 1 cup and mix with two tablespoons of honey. All this tasty mass smear around the chest. Hold 15 minutes, then rinse with cool (but not cold) water. This mask can not do those women who are allergic to honey and other bee products.

Food. Healthy food is the basis of balancing health. Therefore, answering the question - how to restore the breast after birth, we will respond to - eat properly. Your diet should be a lot of foods containing vitamin E, C and A, as well as foods high in potassium. Accordingly, it follows that you daily need to eat dried apricots, walnuts, bananas, black and red currants, a salad of cabbage, in any kind of tomatoes you can, and heat-treated, and even tomato juice, to indulge in cheese, as well as periodically crunch of sweet carrots.


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