Big Brother

After September 11, 86 percent of Americans were in favor of it, to install more surveillance cameras in public places, 81 percent said "yes" to more careful control of banking transactions and credit card transactions, and 68 percent supported the introduction of identity cards of citizens. However, it was about terrorists. Ordinary citizens somehow did not think they should be something for all.

1. Almost three-quarters (73, 5%) of large US firms monitor the work of their employees, recording their phone calls, browsing their email, computer files, and tracking contacts on the Internet.

2. There is a Global System for intercepting communications, operating under the cooperation between the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Through a global network of transmitting stations (ECHELON) authorities of these countries can monitor transmitted via satellite phone calls, faxes and emails.

3. At the disposal of the FBI has a special program called «Carnivore» («Predator"), which analyzes the e-mail, instant messages and digital phone services.

4. Listen to your mobile phone costs about 5000 dollars a day. If you are going to "listen" to someone for a long time, you discounts: month "wiretapping" worth "only" 30 000.

5. surveillance - one of the cheapest services. It costs $ 500 a day, depending on the mobility of the "object».

6. Installation of the "bugs" will cost considerably more expensive. Expect to pay about 8,000 dollars for a set of equipment plus professional work.

7. The most unusual object, which were installed "bugs", a samovar was donated during the Soviet era the British royal family. He stood for a few decades in the royal residence. Intended use samovar royal family never solved: it was too shaky looked Soviet power cord and plug.

8. Almost no Internet service does not guarantee complete confidentiality. Internet users can retrieve information or documents from sites or simply "browse" them, almost 100% of our actions somewhere fixed.

9. In the Australian state of New South Wales more than 5,500 cameras record the actions of railway passengers. In this state of about 1,900 public buses are also equipped with surveillance cameras.

10. The highest in the world ratio of surveillance cameras to the population there at the moment in the UK. According to the analysis, it is necessary to 1 camera for every 55 people.


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