Ecological oasis

Fans of all environmentally friendly can recommend the hotel «Adrere Amellal», located among the sand dunes of the Sahara desert. He already has long attracted tourists from all over the world. The hotel was built of mud and salt, it is completely absent electricity and all the modern welfare of mankind. However, all rooms are booked months in advance.
All materials used for the construction and arrangement of the hotel, exclusively of natural origin. 27 buildings were built near the Egyptian mountains, near a giant salt lake. Window of each of the forty rooms of the hotel «Adrere Amellal» overlook the amazing panorama - olive and palm groves, quiet pond water and bizarre Libyan desert dunes.

Surprisingly, this hotel is not a single lighting fixture, outlet or phone, even the staff. Afternoon sun highlights the numbers, but closer to the darkness, lit hundreds of candles. Even the water in the pool comes from underground sources and filtered naturally. When a tourist gets in «Adrere Amellal», he automatically agrees located in a natural environment. It is worth noting that on arrival all guests are given even white clothes made from natural materials.


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