Fabulous oasis in the African desert, lake Ubari

Do You like to travel? But if the purpose of your trip is too far, and to reach it is difficult? If before visiting the most exotic and beautiful places on the planet You can not stop no difficulties, then collect in the way of things that need to relax and go to Africa to search for the magnificent oasis in the desert – Ubari lakes.

This natural wonder is located on the territory of modern Libya in the middle of sand dunes that are now more than 100 000 years.
Scientists say that earlier on this place there was a water ecosystem is a decent size, but now it was only about two dozen small lakes.

The landscape, which is created by the aquamarine waters amid high sand mounds, a truly fabulous – so will likely appear to be a Mirage weary travelers in the desert.

The lake is surrounded by little Islands of green, and look very picturesque, so here often tourists come from different corners of the earth.
An interesting feature of the Ubari lakes is that the water temperature at the surface is always lower than at depth.

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