Singapore eco-skyscraper

In tropical Singapore plans to construct an exemplary environmental building. The project was made by TR Hamzah & Yeang with financial support from the National University of Singapore. 26-storey building will have solar batteries, natural ventilation, and another device for the collection of biogas, which is integrated into the wall of a skyscraper. The new building is designed to increase the biological diversity of the ecosystem of the city.

About half of the building is covered with local tropical vegetation and the original architecture will contribute to the natural ventilation of the air inside the rooms. Many of the walls and interfloor partitions can be moved or removed altogether. Water the heavy tropical rains will be collected in special reservoirs and used in the toilets, and automatic irrigation system lush tropical vegetation, and buildings.

860 square meters of solar panels will be placed on the wall eco-towers, which at 40% would provide the required electricity. In this green building waste in the garbage would go directly to the plant, which produces biogas. The same fate will befall the wastewater. The building will be constructed of materials which after processing can be reused.

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