Cat and dog

I do not know where are the origins of sayings "bite like a cat a dog." With regards to the division of the territory - so there is more intraspecific competition. With respect to any other inconsistencies - is not entirely clear. In principle, you can run over to the representative of any kind of animal and feathered world. Or vice versa - make friends. On Youtube spread like touching videos with huge dog and sassy little koshak. Naturally, such a catchy, even squeeze a tear of emotion. And at the same time lamenting the spirit - "Well, then x dog. smart, quiet animal. " It seems to be yes. Argue nothing special. The only thing - these dogs still pets. For all its merits and dimensions. But the big cats also know how to make friends and is easy on the kids of the dog world. Moreover, these cats - wild. And jaguars. And the king of beasts. In cages and pens, but wild.
So that makes me doubt the above saying. The very life not just by watching. Among his pupils was the case. Siamese raised puppy yagdterera. This sochetanitse - my mother dear. For those who are up to date.
People who have to learn. Friends do not necessarily have to be the same as you.


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