Mr. and Mrs. Muscle

Betrothed couples usually occupied by the ears of wedding invitations, plans for the future and the selection of wedding dresses, so that they hardly have time for old hobby, not to mention the new ones. But looking at 43-year-old Don Akim and 33-year-old Rosanna Beckett, you realize that this is not an ordinary couple. Only 4 months ago, the couple began bodybuilding together, but today they have become the first pair to win the world championship of bodybuilding! At a tournament in Miami, they earned three awards, beating over 200 competitors. Here is a couple!

Four months before the championship, the pair spent 14 hours a week at a local gym. "The judges did not even realize that we are together, and when we told them, they were very surprised».

"Rosanna won the first, and I was very happy for her. I had to spend a few nervous minutes before you called my name ».

The couple met at a nightclub in Norwich 8 years ago. Love came suddenly. They both have always been interested in fitness and healthy lifestyle, and this year tops made in the field of bodybuilding ».

"I found the contest via the Internet, - says dancer and loving mother Rosanna. - I think I was looking for a new diet for the summer season ».

"I saw the contestants, and I thought that I wanted to look as well, so I signed up to participate. I also recorded a Don - it seems he did not mind ».

Don received two awards as the best bodybuilder in the categories A and B in the category of "those who are over 40". Rosanna has taken away with an award as the best Miss Bikini.

Now Don and Rosanna are planning to participate in other competitions.

"We have already been drawn, - says Rosanna. - Who's all about keeping in shape. I always remember what my body will not always be as beautiful as it is now, so I want to get away from it all ».

Don and Rosanna always support each other in everything.

"Going to a rocking chair - a stress reliever, and it helps our relationship. If we had a falling out, we go to the gym and back in a good mood ».

"We do not often go together because someone always has to stay home with our daughter Carmen».



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