10 Cuperstarikov, whom do not care how old they are

Valentin Dikul

Would you say that the person in the photo in '51? There Valentin raises the barbell weighing 460 kg! This is despite the fact that in his youth champion survived a terrible trauma, after which many do not even stand on his feet. But still a strong man on the shoulder in addition to raising the bar weighing 460 kg sitting Dikul performed with a weight of 450 kg and a bench press with a barbell weighing 260 kg, thus breaking the world record.

Robbie Robinson

The photo desperate Robbie '64. He believes that bodybuilding is an art - on a par with painting, architecture and film. By the way, he is one of the few peers Schwarzenegger, who are still in great shape. In certain circles Robbie called the Black Prince (a name given to him after the victory over Joe Weider in 1975). According to him, the human body - is a gift of God, which can be turned into a work of art with proper nutrition and exercise. Robbie is the author of numerous books, as well as an actor.

Andreas Kahling

Pictured brutal Swedish Santa '62. He is the representative of leaving a "golden era" of bodybuilding. Andreas convinced that age can not be a hindrance to pump up the body beautiful. For several decades, a man visits daily workout without missing a single one. You'll be surprised, but Andreas - an avid vegetarian than pieces destroys the stereotype that pitching requires only protein foods of animal origin. In addition, megadedulya has a page on Facebook, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and body building, and then spreading straight from the tin pictures of their new achievements.

Serge Nubret

In the photo to the legendary bodybuilder '72. This Frenchman, better known by the nickname The Black Panther, once wrote a book "I, me and God," which contains the memories of the iron man of the competition, "Mr. Olympia - 1975", which came together three titanium: Nybro, Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno. < br />

Spencer Churchill

It is the language of turn to say that this Granddaddy '74? Before you achieve great heights in wrestling this plague kachok very popular among bodybuilders 1940s. This "Mr Muscle" was for many future generations an example to follow.

Chet Yorton

Hit me thunder and lightning, if you will look at age 71! In his youth, Chet survived a terrible car accident, so that got a lot of injuries. The damage was so severe that Yorton was close to the amputation of his leg, but nothing happened. This guy did not end suffering: barely standing on his feet, he has re-injured his hip. This incident caused Yortona spend 4 months in a wheelchair ... And all this story of a man who has won the most prestigious award among bodybuilders - "Mr. Universe" in 1966 and his "70" does not spend a day without exercise!

Life Jeffrey

May God grant all look like in your 72! As recently as 18 years ago, the world knew about Jeffrey Life as a family therapist, suffer from obesity. Excess weight was so great that Jeffrey could not imagine himself to tie the laces, and even 100 m walking were given to him with great difficulty. When it started, it could not imagine that the need to become commonplace in the hobby, and even the meaning of life. Now he is 76, and it feels great!

Rusty Jeffers

Who will give this handsome photo on the 50 years? He started bodybuilding when he was 12, and at 14 has already won prestigious competitions. Now Rusty - super popular fitness instructor who keeps himself in great shape and can give odds to any young competitor.

Svetozar Nikochevich

This was the athlete in the photo as much 60 years! Montenegrin athlete giant nicknamed Kika has the largest amount of arms in Europe - 55 cm! This character has a room in Podgorica, where he trains future champions of Europe and the world (which is only his pupil Ivan Strugar).

Bill Grant

The man-mountain, expertly posing in the photo, 59 years! He was not only an outstanding builder, but also a popular showman, radio and the star coach. His best part of the body, he said his hands, and the weakest - the calf muscles.


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