18 cool way to use cookie cutters for ice, which you did not know!

Somebody tried to add ice flowers? We do not. But, apparently in vain. So any drink once it becomes interesting, even if it's just water. AdMe.ru now recommends to start preparing for the summer heat and to experiment with ice.


Try to freeze the coffee and then add the coffee ice cubes in milk - you'll have a tasty cocktail!


If you have leftover wine, freeze it. Pleasant additive, such as sangria.


A good way to store yogurt, whose shelf life is about to end.

Peach puree

Bright and tasty addition to any dessert.

Slices of watermelon

For such a natural ice even formochka not needed.

Frozen flowers

Romantic evening this would be even nicer.

Strawberries in chocolate

This is really the most delicious that you could ever taste!


Add a special touch to a sweet champagne.

Juice red orange

Give a drink citrus scent.

Edible glitter

With such a cocktail party will be any brighter.


Very unexpected, but your Japanese snacks will be stored for a long time.


It can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Pureed fruits

Bright component for smoothie lovers.

Edible flowers

No taste is not given, but it looks just fine!


With the addition of milk to obtain yummy chocolate cocktail.

Lime juice and mint

Thing is home mojito.

Ice cream

Very original version of filing milkshakes. Kids especially will love!

Multilayer popsicles

It will look spectacular even in plain water.


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