Fulfilled prediction doctor

There patter for the development of speech clarity - "moron bodybuilding planned to do."

Bodybuilding, aka bodybuilding or athletics - is the process of building muscle through weight lifting. The man himself, who is engaged in it - is a bodybuilder, bodybuilder, or simply the "jock».

Build muscle, body builders take part in beauty contests where they stand in a graceful pose, demonstrating aesthetic proportions, symmetry, balance.

Comes to mind images of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, the champion of "Mr. Universe" in 1969 and the seven-time winner of "Olympia". Elegant body has opened the way for him in the movie. Gained popularity on the screen, he moved into politics, became governor of California. You could have to leave the presidency, but of Austrian descent prevented.

Looking at the unfading "Schwarz", you begin to believe in the miraculous power of sports, bodybuilding, which gives a start in life.

So I was shocked when a few days ago, in the section of martyrology, obituariev and obituaries saw a photo of a young superatleta, Italian bodybuilder Sekkarechchi Daniel, who died at age 33.

Sekkarechchi among the top five athletes, but in the first place came only as a general body weight, 135 kg. His second record - the volume of the biceps, 55 centimeters.

Such a body is not easy. For Daniele Sekarechchi concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have lost all meaning, since it firmly ate seven times a day with food protein shake. At his peak often appeared on television, give dietary advice.

Physical perfection Sekarechchi required as a physical response. He found him in the person of the former Hungarian porn races Brigitta Bulgari. The brilliant glow of a pair of trendy clubs of Rome. "When I'm with Brigitte - modestly noticed Daniele - it does not fit anybody. Afraid ».

Inhuman amount of muscle attracted attention, and demanded an explanation. In 2011 Sekarechchi accused athletes use banned hormones and anabolic steroids.

He was arrested and spent six days in a Milan prison, but the prison regime affected him so badly that the doctor diagnosed water retention, threatened to possible heart attack. Italian prosecutors agreed to home detention.

Over time, the case against him fell apart. "My only fault, said the defendant then - that's what I'm Daniele Sekarechchi, the best representative of its sports».

Sekarechchi was born in Livorno, swing began at age 16, was the winner of the contest in Venice Beach, from 2000 to 2003.

He died of a heart attack, as predicted by the doctor.

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