Giant robot show in Red Square

Transformer from the USSR. In the courtyard of the Moscow Art and Industry Institute giant robot appeared.

Alex Shirinkin "six-meter keeps the legendary hero automatic PCA since the Great Patriotic War. His powerful chest is made of domestic UAZ cabin.

The idea was born to create giant metal rector of the Institute Alexey Egorov. Put it into practice, two young men - a student Nikita Sokolov and of the Institute of Basil Kulyk.

- It was originally planned to do just transformer - say Metro guys. Have something similar to it. A front "loaf" decided to use of, so to speak, for patriotic reasons. When assembling the robot in the course went materials at hand: UAZ bought a cabin on the metal market, paneling for hands and feet allocated University, and something had to re-buy at a hardware store.

- The biggest challenge was to raise the robot - the authors say. - Hands do not, no matter how many people will help us. So we had to use the crane. Fortunately, in financial matters helps us Institute. Assembling the installation has been going for about a month. It will end in a week.

- Our robot will be demonstrated on Red Square on June 12 and at the exhibition "Autoexotics" - says Nikita and Basil. - Robot collapsible - carry it will not be difficult. And then the transformer will change back to the courtyard of the Moscow Art and Industrial Institute. "It turned out that something unusual Nikita Sokolov

Student of the Moscow Art and Industry Institute, one of the creators of the robot "- We did not take as a prototype of Optimus Prime. But perhaps in our robot has something similar to the famous leader of the Autobots.

Passers-by watching with interest the construction of our robot - photographed, looking at. All joyful, happy. Still, we seem to have done something unusual, great. Yes, we had planned to do something great. And patriotic! »

Bulatov Arina Student 1 year of college ICEJ "What can we say about the robot? Yes, he's just a huge, almost to the third floor! I had no idea it would be. Before him, we stood "GAZ Tiger", but I did not expect this. "The Soviet transformer" right here in the ICEJ - suddenly! »

Moscow Art and Industry Institute.


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