About Wealth

Once a wealthy family father decided to take his young son to the village to the farm to show his son how poor people can be.

They spent day and night on the farm have a very poor family. When they returned home, his father asked his son:

- How do you like traveling?

- It was great, Dad!

- You saw how poor people can be? - I asked the father.

- Yes.

- And what did you learn from this?

The son replied:

- I saw that we have a dog in the house, and they have four dogs. We have a pool in the middle of the garden, and they have - the bay, which is not visible edge. We cover your garden lights, and they are shining stars. We have a patio in the backyard, and they - the whole horizon.

Father speechless after this son of a response.

And the son said:

- Thank you, Dad, for showing me how rich these people.


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