Sigmund Freud.

Among psychologists XX century Austrian doctor Sigmund Freud has a special place. His main work "Interpretation of Dreams" was released in 1900. Since then, the psychology ascended, replacing each other, various scientific authorities. But none of them is still a negasnuschy interest as Freud, as his teachings. This is explained by the fact that his work changed the face of psychology in the XX century, highlighted the fundamental problems of the inner world of the individual device, its motives and emotions, conflicts between her desires and sense of duty, causes change of heart, the illusory representations of the person about himself and others. < br />
It should be borne in mind that at the present stage Freudianism is not a single integrated system, a number of different schools of thought, who have not only the fanatical adherents, but no less passionate opponents. To understand the situation in the world of psychology, the ratio by a variety of scientific resources, it is necessary to know the teachings of Freud himself, to know how it has developed and acquired such a profound influence on the various approaches to the human psyche - the most complex phenomena in the known universe.


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