Why people find it difficult to say no?

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The main reason for which we do not want to say "no" is common is our desire to see us all well treated, respected and loved. As did Sigmund Freud, the causes of our problems go back to childhood. Many parents are quite strict with their children because of the desire to make them decent people. They try not to show their feelings that their child was not soft and pampered. Therefore, when a person grows up and becomes an adult, he tries to obtain from others in the party approving opinion.

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There is another factor – a fear of being alone, of failure in the team. Man so need fellowship with others, he cannot exist outside of society. For this reason a man starts to please everyone around, as a result, they begin to manipulate.

To resolve the problem of low self-esteem, we have to actively work on themselves. Some attend training sessions that help you become more confident. At someone it turns out to do on their own. Psychologists advise to find something to do that helps to be always in a positive mood.

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