Laconic QUOTES Sigmund Freud, whom many will talk about ourselves

The most concise and exciting quotes Sigmund Freud, who can tell a lot about our own!

Austrian psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist, MD, professor, winner of Goethe, an honorary member of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the Psychoanalytic Society of the French and British Psychological Society - Sigmund Freud claimed, as the founder of psychoanalysis, which had a significant effect on such industries as - psychology, anthropology, sociology, medicine, art and literature of XX century. Freud's view of human nature was innovative for its time, and throughout his life the author's statements are not completed to strengthen the response of the scientific community. The enthusiasm of the doctrines of the scientist does not go out to this day.

short and exciting quotes Sigmund Freud, whom many of us can tell:

We did not choose each other by accident ... We meet only those who are already in our subconscious there.
The perfect man is outside, the more demons he has inside ...
Unfortunately, usmirёnnye emotions die. They were only forced to shut up. But they still continue in effect on a person.
The goal to make man happy in the intention of creation is not included.
We enter the world alone and leave it alone.
Loving almost all - he knows women, adoring one - knows what love is.
You still do not stop to try to discover the strength and confidence is, and you need to find within ourselves.
Most people do not really want to have freedom, because it implies the obligation and duty of most of the people fear.
For busy people do not often go to visit lazy people - to a pot that is boiling, not fly flies.
In centuries past, I would have burned the moment only my books.
Work and love - that's the cornerstone of our humanity.
Envy - this destruction.
We sometimes free of errors, about which over others laugh.
Nothing in life is not so expensive, and how the disease - stupidity.
The masses did not know the truth will never thirst. They want the illusion, in the absence of which they can not exist.
The first person to cast a curse instead of a stone was the creator of civilization.
The first symptom of stupidity is considered absolute lack of shame.
The dream - it is the path of the king in the unconscious.
There is nothing more expensive than disease and its neglect.
Any person on the planet has the desire, he does not speak to others, and the desire in which he can not confess including myself personally.
Man from nothing never refuses, he simply a pleasure substitute another.
Man distinctly above all cherish and want this, then he has the opportunity to achieve.
A single person with whom you need to compare yourself - are you in the past. And a single person who must be a better you - are you at the moment.


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