Coffee drinking is harmful

Once a young employee Olga, standing in the hallway came Director - young but already quite finished administrator asked chores, life and word for word suggested she go after work drink coffee ... She already dumbfounded!
 - I wonder what he is suggesting? What a shame!
 Or maybe nothing on hints, just wanted a cup of coffee? For a long time I did not drink? Then why me? No, I'm not like ... And what?
 Probably, it is necessary to give ... For the first time!
 What if he would deprive me awards and generally dismiss? Where can I find a job while in which the director offers me a cup of coffee?
 And if you disagree? Think - agree on everything ... And if they agree, the main thing after all not to show it - so do all decent girl.
 What say colleagues, and especially sosluzhivki? Yes, they say, is - that none of the bath then do not otmoeshsya any Head End sholders worse dandruff ...
 But if I go, who will pay for the coffee. If it is, then it is a concession on my part, and if I do, it is better not to go, money is still not enough.
 After coffee, holding to the subway or home: And to someone? But what if the apartment or just in it ???
 And he say to that? As others: - Fuck you! - Or we need something else ... No director all the same ... It should be something else ... literary. And you would not go ... No, rude.
 But, of course, to "you" not to cross the border of what is permitted.
 - Sorry, I have to run. I Vaska not feeding - and then let him who is versed Vaska, the cat or the husband.
 All this flashed through her mind machine-gun burst in a split second, not yet had time to form an answer, lips uttered a conspiratorial whisper-intriganskim the absence of sight:
 - I agree! Come to the nine - and frantically began to write on a piece of paper home address ... - At home I have, "Makkonen».
 - Oh, and wow !!! - Flashed through his mind burdened with thoughts of production problems, punctuated by heavy thoughts about the lack of money, grumpy mother-in, a broken car or unfinished villa ... Just a few minutes ago, he wanted to invite young employee, to which was indifferent, coffee and soft the form to say that she would have to look for a new job, and even promised to help with the search ... But what to do now? ..
 - Said the patient? - I think that impotent. Go'd think the wife? .. And is it worth Olya is now dismiss this ... Oh, and wow! Firs stick, told me that a lot of coffee drinking is bad !!!


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