Three stories maaaalenkie

This story took place in Odessa, April 26, 2005 (ie recently).
 In one of the minibuses someone wildly navonyal, all passengers in shock, going nose cover, no course is not recognized!
 Here stops the minibus guy with a girl and they sit in the front seat (well, the front is back to the driver), followed by a man of about 40-stops this magnificent transport, walks, sits down and asks ofigivaya the stench "Well guys who do give him?"
 The guy with the girl who turns around and says, busily & quot; «This is me for two!" ... People laugh because nemogli say their stops ...
 Sent Xmmm

Group blonde-female university was given the task to measure the height of the flagpole. Typing with them ladders and tape measures, they went to the flagpole and began to measure it, falling from ladders, dropping roulette and generally creating a terrible mess.
 A passing engineering student, determined to help, went to him, took the flag pole out of the ground, placed on the ground, measure it with a tape measure, and transmits the measurement result blondes have gone home. Blonde looked at each other, laughed and one said to the other:
 - Well, as always, these engineers are too stupid to me. We need height, and he measured the length ...

Recently, my friend Sani crystal dream come true - he bought an apartment.
 And the first thing decided to establish a good metal door. Sanya meticulous man and went for this purpose to some exhibition to gather more information and select the best of the best. There he went long on the ears, and finally lit at the door cost more than the green stuff. But even though it fell from a cannon - you can not transcend to crack. Almost Steel, in short, nothing vozmesh.
 Bring it, then start to mount and then one of the masters wondered where the peephole we going to do? Sanya estimated and pointed.
 Hunky nods, pulls out a box of tools with a completely ordinary electric drill, and the most common - Whack! - Two seconds and a through hole is ready.
 Sanya stands with his mouth open and mentally Cursing himself for needlessly overpaid money.
 That is what it means to be able to properly hang noodles on the ears!


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