And come turquoise sunset

Again little window light. Of course, a powerful information occasion. Why not go for this? But yesterday walked. Today itch once more to kick. Reason, then one, and attendant, so to say, reasons - are countless. That another color hallucination - includes our Earth into a new color spectrum of the Cosmos. Turquoise. And on this basis comes to all final and irreversible, you know who. That has some new or simply not seen by me earlier comments.
What to say? Fanned the hysteria, but just even the increased interest in an event - always a way to earn a very good idea. This is a purely personal opinion, without claiming to be the truth in some instances. And the chief end or the beginning of the world - each in the head. There, and heaven and hell, and the beginning and the end.
On a personal example. When the collapse of the Union, at first I did not know what delat.Ditya scoop - nothing new for the time e learning, infantile. But I understand that if you do not start doing anything, you'll die stupidly. And the family with me. And he began to do. Not great, but started. And for quite some time so-so. But he did. And do not think that the country's complete ass. And in the end, everything turned out. Well turned.
But when, in 2007-08, I understand that the upward trend will soon end and real estate will be very tight, began to think, what is kapets, he did come fairly quickly. And rake of it was quite hard and uncomfortable.
So, figs with them, with these visionaries and descriptors Armageddon. Let amuse. Vaughn, Vincent Cassel is going to find this event in bed with his beloved. But the residents of Odessa - a flashmob. Better something to do with them.


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