A new selection of unusual things that will be useful in the home and will look original

A new selection of unusual things that will be useful in the home and will look original.

Interesting keyboard

Infinite USB

Slippers for cleaning and polishing the floor

Scissors Pizza

Tack «Like»

To the hand did not smell onions

Beer mugs

Easy swing for welding

Room to Read

Creative souls

The best plug

Rocking chair with cots for babies

Convenient cookies

Calculator in the form of credit. Very handy thing!

Necessary thing

For those who like to hang things on the back of a chair.

Scan image or text and displays the picture on your toast.

Plush sofa.

Lamp house chemists.

Old tastes in a new form).

The bed in the room.

The surface of the mug is covered with a special compound that changes the background and drawing under the influence of temperature. It is necessary to pour into her hot coffee or tea and mug design change. A great gift for anyone!

Unusual card birthday baby

Knife watermelon.

Chocolate indicating the number of calories on the tiles.

Slingshot for a game «Angry Birds».

Ink Calendar by Oscar Diazasa. With the passage of the ink in the days it slowly spreads through the vessels in the form of numbers.

Cushion "log»

Cache in the bathroom.

Camping Car.

Social curtain. No favorite social network anywhere!

The cup, which can be put cookies.

Original dishes for nuts or sunflower seeds.

For those who are tired of answering the question: What happened? & Quot;

For fans of retro.

Cook Book, which must be baked before reading this book was created by Croatian book publishers. In order to prepare any meal with a prescription from it, you must first bake the book, only in this case on its pages will be text.

Folding chairs.

Lip Gloss.

Convertible table. Perfect solution for small apartments.

Source: vk.com


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