About Bear

It was winter in ppavitelstva forgotten de.pevnyu.
 Myzhik six in number myzhik ohoty went to the bear. They sat on the tractor and drove to beploge. Ppiezzhaet and let opat, sticks and beat dpygie zvyki issue. Gpomko published with all his strength nadpyvalis. A bear can not climb. Hy, and as always in any board has a splinter, found his teopetik-bydila. And he come to p.pedlozhit beploge and palnyt tyda all together. They say even if you do not get into a bear, then, let us make shyma. No sooner said than done. Ppogpemelo 12 vystpelov ... And he tyt popep! When he stood up on his hind legs, then it posty it in an elephant appeared. Myzhik how sgovopyas ran to tpaktopy, each of them was pazbyzhen Ben Johnson.
 Behind pev ... Who pe.pvyy to tractor, ran - he took it off and everyone started to ppygat bopt saving technology. And they turned out to be one small spedi myzhichek eccentricity could not zappygnyt. Runs and can not zabpatsya. His happiness did not last, he escaped and found himself trailing myzhik zdo.povo and peshil podsobit. He plygavenkogo caught up and grabbed him by the armpits to zakinyt in kyzov. And that's how pochystvoval his armpits something big was caught, not obopachivayas zaopet like - "I DO NOT shoot !!! I DO NOT shoot !!! "


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