"Chicken cutlets"


1. It would be a little chicken pre-freeze, then it will be easier to cut into small cubes. As well we will cut and peeled onions. I love it when a lot of onions, he does not just gives a unique taste, but also makes it much more juicy burgers.

2. minced fillet and onions then add the egg. Separately, I note - the eggs do not need more than one! From that soon no one wants stiffness cutlets. Tell you a secret, particularly those burgers I prepared without any eggs.
By stuffing ready to add starch and mayonnaise, salt, pepper to taste. It is very desirable to cut into cutlets lots of greenery. Just at this time I did not have it handy.

3. This stuffing is better at least half an hour to send in the refrigerator, although you can, of course, and immediately begin frying the cutlets. But remember, this stuffing has a wonderful ability - it can be stored for several days in the refrigerator.

4. So, fry patties are very simple. They do not need to configure, and simple enough to put a tablespoon of minced meat in a pan with hot oil. And fry them like pancakes on both sides until golden in color. Do not forget to put ready cutlets on a paper towel - it will absorb all the unwanted fat.

5. Fresh, flavorful, juicy and very tasty burgers ready!


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