Euroset - and again about sore

It's about good ... and it was good marketing and advertising during the company "Euroset" (the EU).
 Ukraine, Odessa, December.
 EU announces "do 20 photos, with the poster" I choose Euroset !!! "against the background of the competitors stores and get the camera of Motorola as a gift !!!
 …For a present? Free? Twenty Picchu? Divorce ... I was born here ... balls ... not exactly ... but divorce blyatskaya malanskaya nature prevails:
 - "What if there is?»
 - "Maybe the truth will give the phone?»
 - "And tries to me this fucking matarola I 6230ay ... (nothing to say, good phone)
 - "Well, give my mother, she was not at Motorola did not understand, she had one higher education .. I told her recently nokiyu ball from YUMS gave ...»
 - "Dad, yeah sure dad had an old tube ... his birthday soon ...»
 - "This divorce ... they are just malantsy ...»
 ... It is necessary to know everything, maybe a pipe namutit ... 20 Picchu? I ask you ... can do ... and 30 but the fact that "I do not give a fuck! Neither centimeter !!! »

So I go I "EU" with the idea that I would be deceiving schya ...
 For the body, I do not remember the age, says: Yes that's right ... do foty bring ... and after the New Year matarolki your !!!
 I call on the hotline "EU" girl pleasant voice (I was probably at it for ten thousandth subscriber)
 - "... Yes of course, 20 photos and your pipe»
 -" what's the catch? Maybe there any special conditions? »
 - "No, you can make a poster on the printer A4, the main thing that could be seen in the photo»
 - "What store? UMC and KS fit? »
 - "No, it's mobile operators, and we need a network of shops selling mobile phones»
 - "The day or night? ... People have in store? »
 - "Still in the afternoon or evening, the main thing that would be seen the name of competitive store network»
 - "OK, understood ...»
 Well, if so, it would be a couple of hours fun. So as not to get bored, I call peppers:
 - "... Because they say so, give Motorola on the ball ... and most importantly, you can spend a fun time ... so do not lose of it, take the" magic dill "and will do" the EU's full !!! »
 Knowing the city it was easy (and "dill" was clearly from a distance) to create the route posing against the backdrop of beautiful signboards of shops of mobile communication. The first couple of Picchu was deflating ... well foty ... well on the background ... and then it was fun ... posters became cheerful and smiling at passers-by, the sellers in the "competitive" stores realized that they lost ... they do not when will not buy phones ... (because they I did not choose ... and not scored, and did not score ... but in vain ...).

In general, held, that is worked rather posed for a long time ... were different foty could see everything and the words and the names of shops and "hedgehogs" with "spiders" that were holding placards and "bunnies" together jumped ... in general all is well passed. For two and a half hours - three times ate at McDonalds. And there is also posed with a banner "I choose Samvel Shawarma!" (Who he did not remember). Asked menegera in a beautiful white shirt and blue galtuhe:
 - "Acting upon whose instructions?»
 received a precise and clear answer:
 - "Commissioned shurmista Samvel which is very glad that next to it there is a pleasant establishment as the MD and he and his customers have somewhere to go to the toilet" Our PR-manager immediately offered a retaliatory move for McDonald's, write the poster "Bought Shawarma - helped Khattab "and in a suit of the American flag next to take over the watch" Shawarma Samvel "(meneger in a white shirt and a blue cravat not supported, well, okay ...). All the time spent exactly cool.

In general, we naschelkat foty ... a lot to us four pieces 120-125. Since foty could bring on CD (... wheels sorry 4 blanks on these freaks burn through, it would be better a movie recorded) is situated on the folder (and pro magdonalds also poured them a separate folder called "Bee-line - harbor!") all signed and the next day took to the EU.

"A joyful face is" half an hour looking for a form to fill out, then took the wheels threw them into the corporate package with the EU logo, along with the completed form and complete renunciation of what is happening disappeared.

When it came time UEFA, I had forgotten that we are out there ... somewhere ... why ... and then the bell:
 - "Sdraste, Shvonder Abram Izmailovich?»
 - "And what?»
 - "Euroset, we congratulate you, you took part in the action and that's limitless evaluate your contribution, please call in a central store of our mega-network of Euroset, and get a MEGA prize!»
 - "That you sho? And Monya next ...? »
 - "I do not know any Monya, I work for a company Euroset, you took part in the action, and you have to drive with your passport and pick up your MEGA prizes in our store Euroset, in the shopping center" Athena "on the Greek area»
 - "Beauty, say, Monet, let vprygnet in panties and rushing to the customs pulls the load!»
 ... Then I realized that, "This is it - the Jewish happiness!" Schya go and I will be the happiest of all Russian Jews !!!
 I go into this wonderful magazyn ...
 - That as a yes ...
 yet that's out there for small stands ...
 Good afternoon ... I was told here ....
 yes yes ...
 -That's my Passepied ...
 - No, do not ... (I think they know my face, foty probably have seen ....)
 - And I have here is the passport of one friend ...
 from under the counter:
 - So you two ... well ...
 long dripped under the counter and pulls out ... two leather ball ...
 I did not understand at first thought ... what accessories can be there to ... Motorola or a joke there something like "Do you want to play in the Super game? In one of the super prize balls .. »
 Nothing like tulogovische spews phrase "We congratulate you ... er ... .It you ..." and goes ...
 Well, I understand, marketers piarshiki, brendmenedzhery working-thought-modeled ... and then here you are two leather BOWL ... what is "EGGS Euroset»
 I certainly do not feel sorry, neither drives, time gorjuchki ...
 not rumpled hood on DAB (when it imitated hard intercourse) against the store and the poster "I choose EUROSET!»
 But tell me, who changed his mind in the place promised to give two leather phone EGGS? Which "Pinocchio" is a hit to the head? Better not giving anything ...
 Yes, and the phone can shove his ... up to you, but I think that fiction is not enough ... and finished trite "Fuck!»
 PS. sfotayu "eggs Euroset" and send ...

Author: Switch


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