Useful tips to help improve the lives of

● Every day clean up in his room, throwing rubbish and spraying favorite plants.
● Wipe the face of frozen concoctions chamomile (ie ice cubes)
● Completely give up fast food.
● doing morning exercises.
● Meditate - just relax, turn on soft music, do not think about anything.
● Learn something new every day.
● Read. At least 10-15 pages daily.
● Spend at least an hour to their parents. Help around the house, talk, learn about their problems and experiences, give them some advice.
● Talk to people nice words and compliments.
● Avoid profanity and words-parasites. In general, keep your speech.
● Make one small good deed every day.
● Take care of yourself - take a steam bath for the face, peeling, pamper body moisturizing lotion.
● Avoid cosmetics. Or from a ton of makeup. Although the summer let the skin breathe.
● Teach beautiful, inspirational poem you.
● Walk straight. Watch your posture.
● Avoid all kinds of bad habits.
● Try to become a vegetarian at least a month. Suddenly, like ?;)
● Keep a diary of his success.
● Save money.
● Engage in yoga.
● Think only about the good - everything will come true!


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