What people believe (10 photos)

While the mediums do not say that they obtained the information is correct 100 percent, our desire to speak with deceased loved ones is so great that we do not notice their mistakes and often provide them with the presumption of innocence.

5. The law of karma
No matter whether you call it "karma" or say, "what goes around, comes around", people have a common belief that the way you behave today, somehow demonstrates that you will be tomorrow. Not based on anything, we believe that if now we do well in accordance with the principles of morality, in the future we are waiting only positive.

Despite the presence of the simple fact of saying that we will never be able to prove that karma exists, still many people live in the hope that they can get the benefits it promises.

4. Intuition human
Call it intuition or sixth sense, but we believe that it is sometimes it helps us to make any decisions. Intuition tells us whether you can believe this or that person, divorce, do not go on a certain street, or directs us in a particular way.

It would seem, in the absence of a logical explanation, our intuition helps us to make decisions with confidence and feel that we are doing this on a "trusted authority", which is above us. We give intuition to show us the right way to go when it turns on a fork.

3. Different Fates
The phrase "everything happens for a specific reason," is heard everywhere, especially after it happens something bad. Although we have no real reason to believe that every event in the life of what is happening there is a reason we still say to myself that some of the events, if not all happen at a time when they are destined to happen.

The idea of ​​the existence of fate gives us comfort and helps meet after case something bad.

2. Religious texts
Regardless of their origin, most of us believe in any branch of the religion. Religions teach texts such as the Bible, which, as expected, set out as a person to live according to the higher powers. We believe in the stories about people who have lived for hundreds of years, we made a fantastic feats, and even managed to conquer death, because all this is part of a religious text.

Although there is no evidence that these works are a true reflection of a higher power, people are doing everything possible to comply with the rules of morality contained in the religious books.

1. Hand of God
The easiest, what people believe, it is a higher power, or God who somehow see all of our actions and guide us through life. Starting from the idea that our inner prayer is always heard, and ending with our faith in the fact that after the death of a man found with a higher power, we believe that God - it is not just the reality of it all over the place.


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