Diary of a glamorous blonde

1st of February. Oh. I got! Now I have you, yes, diary? I will write here all sorts of clever ideas and hang beautiful pictures ... (100 komentov per hour, mainly "hello, krosavedza!", With a few exceptions - "Hello, welcome»)

2nd of February. Yay! I now have the right! Who is going to choose a car. I want something big and beautiful. For example, pink Hummer. (230 komentov 2 hours, mainly "a killer on the road will become more" and "take the tank !!", with rare exceptions - "Well done, congratulations»)

3rd of February. My cat did not want to buy me a pink Hummer. Beech. Well, okay, I'll go on the black Landcruiser. But be sure to hang the mirror pink elephant and Seat Covers also want pink. (270 komentov an hour, basically "LOL, glamorous cruiser" and "zhzhosh nipadetski", with rare exceptions - "car should first like owner»)

4th of February. I have great sorrow. I broke a nail. My super, beautiful nails that I have built up just yesterday! What to do? (312 komentov an hour, mostly to "break the rest" and "cut off the finger", with rare exceptions, "I sympathize, she know how frustrating»)

5th of February. Apparently begun a black stripe. Today bought a handbag from Balenciaga remarkable for 300 euros. But it does not fit on a shade to the interior of my car !!! (340 komentov per hour, basically "go on foot but with a bag or a backpack ezdy!", With rare exceptions, "I have the same problem, can change?»)

6th of February. Yesterday my friends and go have fun in the clubs. We started with "Premiere", then went to the "Knicks", then to "Factory" and finished the evening in "Bylina" at an auto. Very strange, but no cars at the party, I found no. Here are a few pictures. (400 komentov 10 minutes, with mostly "A cat elephant came up ?!" and "A decrease in Photoshop? Traffic is not rubber!", With a few exceptions - "Oh, how great you are rested, take me with you next time ! »)

10th fervalya. Kotick has promised me a new hole to replace the one that I already have a whole month! Joy, I made it a festive ... No, not what you think, and dinner. (500 komentov 10 minutes, basically, "he would have liked it more if you did what we thought !!" rare exception "Can you cook? I envy you!»)

February 11th. Clever ideas sometimes haunt me, but I'm running faster. (520 komentov 5 minutes, mostly "dupe !!!" and "noticeable", with rare exceptions - "A beautiful woman necessarily be as Pythagoras»)

February 13th. Today broke my machine. When I called a mechanic, he delved into the engine for a long time and then somewhere to go, something poured all bred. Well, how did I know that it sometimes ends with petrol! (700 komentov per hour, mainly "sobbed the whole office" and "put yourself solar panels", with rare exceptions - "Oh, and where it is necessary to pour? Suddenly mine too because it will not start?»)

February 14th. Valentine's Day! I am happy because I have a new coat. Make Kitten holiday what you thought last time did not work, because he went to the meeting. (900 komentov 3 hours, basically, "Well you'd better try the evening" and "deliver a man pleasure !!!", with rare exceptions - "A new coat - it's great, yeah!»)

February 15th. Yesterday evening baked cake Kitty. With cream and jam. God, how you can have these infested calories? By the way, what do you think of yesterday and the last time? (1000 komentov an hour, the owner removed all LJ) UPD: why are you so rude?

February 20: We loved leaving for Switzerland to ski and drink mulled wine. All whole, to a meeting! (1500 komentov per hour, mainly "Heras, appetites!" "Nice to live not forbid", with rare exceptions - "Happy Road, girlfriend!»)

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