From the Life of resourceful cops =))

Senior lieutenant and sergeant Wands Shurupov went on his official "top ten". It would seem that there were no signs of trouble, when the car suddenly crashed into a pole, and then it spun across the road. Behind the wheel was the usual screws.
 - How many times have I told you to pass on the right! - I scolded him with the rod.
 - What do we do now? - Apologetically I asked screws.
 - How to do that? Call the traffic police! - Wands said.
 - Who? - I did not understand the screws.
 - Now I get out of the car, and you call up me. Somewhere a couple of hours I will appear.
 - Gleb, maybe earlier? Movement same overlapping!
 - No, screw, everything has to be like other people. What we are worse than others?
 Two hours Shurupov stood and listened matyugi of cars squeezed past him. Finally came to him waddle Wands.
 - Inspector of road patrol service senior lieutenant of Wands - Wands Shurupova introduced.
 - I too ... innspektor only screws, - said screw.
 - So, the witnesses have an accident? - I went to the point of Wands.
 - You yourself saw everything, Gleb!
 - So write - no witnesses ... And for a bent pole, a citizen will have to pay.
Three hundred bucks with your municipal Sloop.
 - Yes, you Che commander! I'm that kind of money now spawn ever seen!
 - We can agree. For a hundred bucks today I did not see the bend the pole.
 - Well, thank you, Commander! - Said screws, intending to reach Zhezlovu hundred US dollars.
 - Are you mad? Not here! Get me in the car!
 Rods and screws them sat in a crumpled car, where there was a transfer of money. Luckily, the car was on the move, and they drove off.
 - More lightly - said screw. - I have only something was weaving. That's just money to repair which is now taking?
 - Don `t cry! - Wands said, and handed Shurupova hundred Basque. - It seems to be enough?
 Sergeant screws with gratitude looked at Zhezlova senior lieutenant, who has once again did not spare his own money on the company car repair.


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