PSYCHOLOGY. How to make a wish:

1. Never in the formulation of the desire not to use particle "not».

For example: the desire to "I do not want to be full!" Is better stated as follows: "I want to be slim, blossoming, attractive and charming!". Anything from this set will come true!

2. A very important point - consider how this desire will be realized.

For example: "I want to go on a world cruise" But you can cleaner on an ocean liner to get there! Therefore, the desire to better formulated as follows: - I want to go to a river cruise to relax and ... - Complete phrase other details. The more there are, the better!

3. Make a wish must be firmly and unequivocally believe that it will come true.

No doubt this should not be! Just make a wish for a little while turn away from him. Let the energy of desire "Cook" in your subconscious.

4. It should be as often as possible, and better visualize the result, ie, present the results of already executed.

For example, if you want a luxury apartment, represents not only the interior, but also how you will celebrate the new home, like watching TV in the living room as dinner in the dining room, etc.

5. It should be as often as possible to say to yourself or out loud (loud better) approve proposals-affirmations.

These statements are particularly effective in the evening before going to bed and in the morning, still half asleep. Mind at this time more (or longer) is dormant, and words like imprinted into the subconscious. Moreover, all actions must be only in the present tense: "I am (do) so-and-so».

6. Make yourself a Symbol performance of desires.

For example, a coin. And wear it with you until the desire to be fulfilled.

7. Make a plan to achieve the desired.

Many neglect this simple rule. But that is easier: to write or even just imagine all the steps necessary to implement the planned!


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