Who else is resting))

From posts on summer vacation:

1. Went to Lake Baikal. Ohrenel twice: from nature and from the second-class compartment.

2. It is like the Moscow Zoo. We rested there with his son two weeks.

3. The girl is looking for a couple to travel to Tugulym to parents for life.

4. The Russians! Let's go to Bulgaria to rest all at once! Will be fun.

5. raft to raft on Chupsovoy. Kaif! With the passage of the rapids, however, carries cups, but if they are tied, the thrill!

6. On Sunday, the children decided to go to the trampoline park. We paid 500 rubles per ticket came. Real kidalovo! I recommend to everyone.

7. Hotel "Al Cherche femme" in Egypt - fancy, but for some reason on the 2nd and 5th floors nagazheno front of the elevator ... And all being updated! Maybe it's such a chip specifically to Russian at home feel?

8. vacationers in India with its chick. I do not recommend. Capricious hysterical.

9. sanatorium near Moscow "Mushroom Russia" - at this mushroom! Mushrooms grow in your room!

10. While flying to Spain, I lost the car and flat cards, with grief drunk and lost digicam. So, see my photos from last year's anniversary of the company here.

11. We arrived the day before whether in Pedrum, whether in Natal, the hotel some Turkish, say, 5 stars, all the bells and whistles, brunch, massages, - I do not know until it was. The main thing - there is Internet access, loaded stroke, layout Russian, computers with holes under the flash and DVD-cutter, all included. "Asya" established, igruhi different - in short, a rest in the rush, would recommend!

12. As we have booze on the plane to Thailand, look here! As we have booze in Thailand, look here! As we booze on the plane from Thailand, look here! As we have right now, plump, look here!

13. Bought a donkey tour of Afghanistan. Very satisfied. It was like we were promised in the travel agency - and the donkey, and the dust, and poverty of local residents is perfect!

14. Congress on the permit "all inclusive" for 900 bucks. And I drank 2300, REALLY, kid!

15. Cancelled rested in Nepal! You want - you climb on seventhousander, you want - sleeping in a crevice. Minus - no grub and children's slides.

16. Light and television had to include himself, flush the toilet - too! And that $ 800! And you said - all inclusive!

17. Horse route in Altai - it's cool! Wife went there two months ago, the rest to the full!


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