Smehoshop.Ru - online store of jokes and pranks

Smehoshop.Ru - online store of jokes and pranks
Incredible selection of funny gifts !!!

What gives us Smehoshop?
Hundreds of various gags and jokes, gifts and holiday merchandise to showcase this exciting store. Unique in its kind, is a leader Smehoshop.Ru wholesale and retail sales of jokes! The best prices, gifts and bonuses, quality service and huge selection!

What can you buy?
Dancing bottle, spiders, fake nails, air-perdushki, pens with disappearing ink, hands-free voice Masjani and Terminator, jumping frog, edible bars flavored salmon or pepper trees growing in water and much more!

And the service?
Full service shop. Dry cleaning. Computer processing of orders. Fast sending. Maximum convenience for you!



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