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People created the Internet for a variety of purposes, most of which - it is education and knowledge base available to all mankind. However, this did not stop to apply a global web for the promotion of humor and a good mood. All social networks can be found, and Public group, which brought together a huge number of humorous material. Despite the abundance of so-called memes, Internet users increasingly prefer to watch video fun. There are web-based resources, which contains the largest collection of jokes. One such project is located at .

Site Features

On the Tools to view video jokes all the material is sorted by category. In addition, there are several convenient filter to find the desired video. Typically, the user is prompted to see the latest and popular videos. Next to each video there is a brief description and user comments. Studying the responses one can understand if he should spend time watching clips. Also, comments allow us to express their own opinion about a particular submission site.
As soon as the man opened the video funny, he immediately receives information about similar rollers. Also, after viewing the recording, the user can vote. This will help determine the best videos on the resource.

The development of video jokes

The popularity of small comedy clips originated before the advent of the World Wide Web. On the American channel ABC was broadcast, which shows movies taken by ordinary people. The former Soviet Union such transfer was called "do not play". People are happy to send interesting and funny video. Were very popular commercials with the animals and the people who fall into the comical and even embarrassing situation.
Many families spent their evenings watching these entertainment programs. They are not only uplifting, but also charged positive and helped to relax from a hard day. The Internet has at times increased the popularity of video jokes. Now a person may at any time have access to a huge number of commercials. With the same ease web user can create a fun video and upload it to the site. Today, even many office workers are diverted from routine, looking different fun


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