I'm not Catholic, not Protestant. Can and board charge

Search for glory - a normal phenomenon. Ways and means by which people achieve the desired - it is another story. No condemnation - who am I to judge, but all the same, but still ...

That expressed their protest against the notorious Pussy Riot. The shape, the way - after all, it is their personal choice, but it seems to me, there was still a fair desire popiaritsya. Well, in the end, something did indeed happen. Who's there knew about them before this action? And now won - the martyr fighters (or wrestlers wrestling ...? Sufferer, in a word) I do not know whether the expected results, but also the result.
But! They made exclusive. No one did, and they - did.
But when four ohlamona of punk band Dick Revolt tried to do the same trick, they guys are swept. Well, they managed to somehow break into the territory of the Church of St. Nicholas in Barvinkove that in Ivano-Frankivsk. We tried even had to perform "Hail Mary, Yanukovich's run". So what? There were ignominiously expelled Father Basil, armed only censer. In general, as in the joke, which made the finals in the title.
And the result? A complete zilch. Because - plagiarism, it is plagiarism. And to achieve the result (so that the glory of the worldly) ought to be original. Its something to give birth. And their father then also from cops otmazatsya. It turned out to be compassionate.


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