Pricelist admin

0. If you can not clearly explain the reason for his visit to me - 5 cuffs.
1. Talk chatting CBSA is not the case - 1 hit in the scoreboard.
2. He left not a closed session and went home - 4 Shot in the scoreboard.
3. opened and turned over 50 windows, negoduesh that inhibits the complex - 2 Shot in the scoreboard.
4. Send to e-mail scans of anything larger than 4Mb - 1 hit with "pyra" in the coccyx.
5. Sent to the e-mail scans of something larger than 32Mb - 1 hit in the head with a crowbar.
6. stuck in the printer paper with paper clip - 1 hit in the scoreboard (but foot and with a sweep).
7. Do not include something in the socket, but came to complain about what's not working -
40 podsrachnikov.
8. Lost your personal password - 4 Pink + schelbany.
9. Could not he zaguglit elementary thing - 20 + cuffs insulting mat.
10. "Oh, I can not find where to store" - a blow open hand on the forehead. With full force.
11. Trying to ask a question to which the answer is in the FAQ - one punch in the belly.
PS lovers write here in this style - in advance, make a will.


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