Folk bankers.

Heavy and clumsy life was like in the bankers' 90s. This is not the present, with a sort of bloom Zhirkov and indulgence to the rest of the world.
Send once in two years, bankers said on probation from Lviv to Warsaw. In those days went bankers travel on buses. And travel for a month they were supposed to as much $ 100. To avoid zazhralis case. Thank you, though the hotel paid.
Come. Night. The city is absolutely unknown. Go to the address in a taxi, paying for the road 20 of the available stock of one hundred dollars.
It turns out that this is not a hotel, a fig, a travel agency, which will open only in the morning. In the short price of the cheapest hotel rooms are 50 green. And it turns out, or spend the night in the square on the bench, or after the night - on the panel, because the money will not. Panel for the purpose of travel is not corresponded, and therefore were chosen Square and bench.
Settled. Bags put over to nearby newsstand. And depicted on the bench cultural communicate. However, the three hours of the night chat tired, but struck on devour. Bankers go for kiosk and start rummaging in suitcases.
It is only, therefore, to get fat and sausages, as suddenly - the police, stand, do not move. Trying to show documents - no need to shout, hands in plain sight.
Fortunately, one of the financiers tolerably spoke Polish. Explain. As well bellow the Polish police learned that this Ukrainian bankers night for kiosks fat homyachat. It turns out that their one of a number of living has caused.
In general, the fun began, as rollicking ride on and on. To place an internship, for example, went gentlemen bankers tram. And, as a decent, buying tickets, wondered why this controller, went into the car, immediately breaking them. Until asked. "A smile is less necessary, - told - you have gold teeth».
These are the complexities and subtleties in the banking industry took place only 15 years ago.


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