7 rules of business conversation.

1. Record. All business negotiations should carefully outlining. If you come for business negotiations without a notebook, you can equate their mistake to professional suicide.

2. Do not dress pretentious. It is not necessary to dress up all fancy clothes out of the closet. Way better it will be your favorite, though, and the reproach of things.

3. Gifts - then. If you have souvenirs or gifts, you want to give the participants of the meeting, do it after the negotiations, not before - otherwise it will look ugly.

4. Turn off the phone. Or switch it to silent mode. If you are not a top manager and not the president, any call can quite wait half an hour.

5. The control behavior. Take care of yourself - aside Look at the floor, play pen, stupid risulki on slips of paper. No need to be scratched, leans back in his chair, dig holes in the natural head, yawning and so on. Concentrate - your interlocutors will notice it. And you can safely work out at your leisure.

6. Be prepared. Record abstracts on a piece of paper and take it with you. Read them several times before the meeting - it helps not to forget the main.

7. Write a report. After the meeting on the emails of all the participants should fall report, sammari all that was discussed during the meeting. This will help to quickly brush up on all the issues discussed.


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