A selection of examples of the absurd deception

There is always someone who is willing to give the gipsies earrings in transition, to buy over the Internet, "the sixth iPhone running Android», and take the money in a pyramid scheme. Fraud normal capitalism or natural selection - you can call it in different ways, it is still one - deception.
In this collection contains examples of the most ridiculous "divorce", which, oddly enough, have worked and continue to work.

Internet - the most popular place for fraud. There is hardly a person who is not yet in the mail came a letter of congratulations to the winners in some of the New Zealand lottery. Certainly there are those who have paid the tax on non-existent prize.

To protect themselves from such a "divorce" is very simple - just carefully read the message on the Internet help bring about the "lottery" and in any case not to give money just to strangers.

On the "other" items in the check from the supermarket, too, everyone knows. Cashiers enjoys a hurry and distracted attention from buyers. The most common technique - try a larger number of the same goods than it actually is.

To avoid paying more than that is laid, carefully written on the check reconciliation at the contents of the package, the requests to hurry and leave the fund do not pay attention. You have the right to inspect all the "on the spot».

Another kind of sell - unjustified overstating prices. In this way lately sin online stores that buy some popular commodity and sell it in 2-3 times more expensive than using a deficit. A recent example -
Online store that requested for smartphone Highscreen Boost 21,800 rubles ...

... At the time, as the site of the official distributor vobis.ru the same gadget sold (and sold) for 8990 rubles. Smartphone dvuhsimovik Highscreen Boost has become very popular thanks to its capacious battery to 4160 mAh. She gives him 5-7 days of battery life, while the other smart phones with battery at 2-2, 5 thousand mAh "live" for 1-2 days. The first batch Highscreen Boost sold out so quickly that the dealers were not afraid to raise the price of Russia's first Android-smartphone with a week of battery life three times.
Protect against such unfair prices is to compare them with proposals in other shops and, above all, on the site of the official online store distributor.

A range of fraudulent manipulation prepared for tourists. China openly offer to buy a fake iPhone, but never admit that they are selling an artificial silk or pearls, but this happens at every turn. Very close to the buyer need to buy jewelry in the street stalls.

Yet the markets performed a large number of other purchases. Therefore, tourists should take care of a small change stuff. There are cases where the seller has not proved to date, and sent for by exchanging assistant and did not return.

In Egypt, all offer tourists a "wonderful gourmet yellow tea." In reality, this welding - a drink of local poor people who can not afford the real tea, and certainly not buying the yellow grass for $ 15, as do Russian tourists.

Another trick is for the unemployed or freelancers. Test assignment on the Internet, translating a piece of text in the printed kind, document translation ... no personal contact with the employer, it is not necessary to agree, but it is better to conclude a contract of single services. And yes, the "simple job for the lazy" - it's just lying on the couch. As a rule, such activity is not paid. Therefore, to adequately assess the proposal of the employer and not in a hurry to part with the money that supposedly needed for medical examination, questionnaire or insurance.


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