7 ways to cope with problems.

1. Do not overdo it.
Too emotional response to the problem forces you to make bad decisions. When we fail to control our emotions, we will make decisions about which we will regret later. The next time you encounter a problem, observe the progress of your thoughts and stay calm to what would take more informed decisions.

2. Accept the reality.
Quietly take the real situation. You have to understand that not everything is the way you want. In any case, not right now :-) If you can not accept the reality, you will feel frustrated in life. Many people will try to change someone or something that they can not control, and when it does not work, they feel unhappy. Once you can accept the reality (including the problems that you encounter), you can be more calm and think more clearly about how to take another step towards its goal.

3. Do not blame others.
Many people have the habit of blaming others for all their problems. They are unable to take full responsibility for the decisions they make in life. The more you blame others for their problems, the less people will want to be in your neighborhood. What you certainly do not need to do when you face a personal challenge - do not start pointing the finger at others.

4. Practice impartiality.
Make a habit of disabling itself from any result. Impartiality means that you are not tied to any particular outcome in life. When you begin to practice impartiality, many of your fears and insecurities disappear.

5. pereanaliziruete.
When you think too much about the situation or events that have occurred, you will begin to judge everyone and everything. When you think too much you will be very hard to accept the reality, and you will think that you do something wrong. It can also lead to inaction in achieving their goals, which is disappointing in the long run.

6. Accept the changes in your life.
You'll have to deal with changes in life all the time. Many people do not like change, they resist, because the changes are out of your comfort zone. You can be happy or unhappy at certain times, but you should understand that these two states are not permanent. You must train your mind to be in harmony at all times, regardless of the emotional state.

7. Do not compare your life with others.
I know it's really hard not to compare yourself with others, but the more we do it, the more we will feel disappointed. It may be people who have done more than you. The main thing to remember that you create your own unique story of success in life.


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